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Men’s Hair Replacement: Helping Restore More Than Hair

mens non-surgical hair loss replacement systems Tupelo MSMost guys enjoy having a great head of hair. They get it trimmed just right and style their hair with product to keep their hair looking its best all day and into the night. Hair loss can easily take more than just a guys hair away but it also can strip a man of his confidence. For many guys, especially those who have seen or remember the old toupees that were made fun of in old movies, don’t realize that times and hair replacement methods have changed. Men today have choices when it comes to regaining their hair.

Men’s Hair Loss Facts

For many men that experience hair loss do so because of a condition known as male pattern baldness. It often goes unrecognized for many guys until about 50 percent of their hair has already been lost. The main reason for male pattern baldness for 90% of men’s hair loss is a clinical term known as androgenic alopecia. There is a popular form of measurement that is used to classify the progression of male pattern baldness with the use of the Norwood-Hamilton scale. The scale ranges from 1, which is no hair loss to 7 which indicated severe baldness with only a rim of hair remains. It’s an important note that not all men will associate with a degree on the Norwood scale.

Creative Hair Replacement Treatment For Men’s Hair Loss

Creative Hair Replacement has helped thousands of individuals at many different stages of hair loss to regain their hair and their confidence. The process is simple and straightforward. In just a short period of time you can have the results you want. You will have the hair you can run your fingers through. Regardless of the type of hair loss you have, we will be able to give you an appropriate solution for you and your budget. We offer several options of hair restoration and here are some of the treatment options for men’s hair replacement that we offer:

In as little as just 4 weeks you can get your hair back! To find the best and most personalized hair loss solution for you, schedule a free consultation with one of our hair loss specialists.