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Best Hairstyles for Men Based on Face Shape (Infographic)

Male pattern baldness and other types of hair loss can drastically affects a man’s appearance. It can also diminish his self-esteem and self-image but that doesn’t need to be the case. Creative Hair Replacement in Tupelo is a leader in men’s non-surgical hair replacement and thinning hair solution breakthroughs. Men experiencing hair loss and thinning […]

How to Take Care of Your New Human Hair Wig

How to Take Care of Your New Human Hair Wig Finding and selecting the right wig is a huge challenge. A beautiful wig can be a life changer for many women, especially if you are suffering from female hair loss, and it is more than just an investment in a wig: it is an investment […]

Top 2017 Men’s Hair Styles (Infographic)

When a man starts to experience male pattern baldness or thinning hair, it can drastically how he looks at himself in the mirror, sending his self-image “down the drain” and how other perceive him, particularly if you happen to be a young man in your late teens or early twenties. But thanks to the latest […]

Keeping Your Hair Healthy

Keeping your hair healthy is an important part of maintaining your health. Many people think that keeping your hair health is a simple as avoiding harsh chemical treatments and making sure to get a trim a few times per year. While these types of maintenance practices are important, it doesn’t just end there, particularly if […]

Hollywood Hairstyles through the Decades

The Academy Awards comes around every year and everybody loves to look at all the stars and their outfits and their hairdo’s. Let’s face it: the Oscars is the event of the year in the Motion Picture industry where fortunes are made (or not). With all these amazingly talented stars and luminaries of the film […]