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Men’s Hair Replacement: Helping Restore More Than Hair

mens non-surgical hair loss replacement systems Tupelo MSMost guys enjoy having a great head of hair. They get it trimmed just right and style their hair with product to keep their hair looking its best all day and into the night. Hair loss can easily take more than just a guys hair away but it also can strip a man of his confidence. For many guys, especially those who have seen or remember the old toupees that were made fun of in old movies, don’t realize that times and hair replacement methods have changed. Men today have choices when it comes to regaining their hair.

Men’s Hair Loss Facts

For many men that experience hair loss do so because of a condition known as male pattern baldness. It often goes unrecognized for many guys until about 50 percent of their hair has already been lost. The main reason for male pattern baldness for 90% of men’s hair loss is a clinical term known as androgenic alopecia. There is a popular form of measurement that is used to classify the progression of male pattern baldness with the use of the Norwood-Hamilton scale. The scale ranges from 1, which is no hair loss to 7 which indicated severe baldness with only a rim of hair remains. It’s an important note that not all men will associate with a degree on the Norwood scale.

Creative Hair Replacement Treatment For Men’s Hair Loss

Creative Hair Replacement has helped thousands of individuals at many different stages of hair loss to regain their hair and their confidence. The process is simple and straightforward. In just a short period of time you can have the results you want. You will have the hair you can run your fingers through. Regardless of the type of hair loss you have, we will be able to give you an appropriate solution for you and your budget. We offer several options of hair restoration and here are some of the treatment options for men’s hair replacement that we offer:

In as little as just 4 weeks you can get your hair back! To find the best and most personalized hair loss solution for you, schedule a free consultation with one of our hair loss specialists.

Healthy Diets equals healthy hair

Crash Dieting: Can It Harm Your Hair & Skin?

hair restoration tupelo mississippiSummer is almost upon us and as we start to shed the bulky clothing for shorts and t-shirts we notice it’s also time to diet. Thinking of doing a crash diet? Stop, don’t do it as it can actually cause you a number of health problems and do damage to your skin and hair. This can be particularly true if you are suffering from hair loss or going through medical treatments that affect your hair.

There is good news and that the right diet can not only reduce those unwanted pounds but also give your body the nutrients it needs to be health and keep your hair looking great.

Why Crash Diets Aren’t Worth It
Crash diets can be very harmful to your overall health. They take away foods from your diet that robs your body from important nutrients and limit your intake of calories from few sources. Crash diets work for a few days or week but long term crash diets can be a bad decision for your health.

Crash diets in nature have a negative impact because you drastically limit the quality of nutrients your body gets. When your eat a balanced diet you get a variety of foods that give you different nutrients that your body will use to boost your immune system, give your skin and hair nutrients that will keep them remaining healthy. Crash diets remove many of these foods and therefore, removes the healthy nutrients you receive from them.

Another reason you want to avoid crash diets is simply they lead to crashing afterwards. What this means is that you will find that once you are unable to sustain the diet and will eventually fall off of it. After which you may find yourself bingeing on foods that you shouldn’t eat. To avoid this type of negative impact you need to eat a healthy diet.

So How Can You Lose Weight and Keep Your Hair and Skin Healthy?

You should know that you can improve your diet and improve your health at the same time.

• The right diet will help you not only lose weight but keep the weight off.
• It also goes a long way to improve your skin health and keeps your hair looking fabulous.

If you want to avoid the harmful effects that crash diets can have on creating hair loss then you will want to stick to a healthy diet.

What is a Healthy Diet?

A healthy diet is one that gives your body the nutrients necessary to function and look it’s best. To help you find the right diet for you and help you not only meet your weight loss goals but also to improve your skin and hair follow these tips:

• Reduce the amount of calories you take in from various food groups. If you do this on a regular basis then your body will turn to stored fat to burn.
• Exercise in not only good for your over-all health but essential when trying to lose weight. It will also keep you looking younger by helping to tone your skin.
• Making simple changes like from “white” carbs to whole grain is preferred. White carbs are full of sugar where whole grain carbs will keep you feeling full longer and will have more nutrients.
• Make 80 percent of your dinner plate come from the garden. Your body will get more valuable nutrients from vegetables than anything else.

If your goal is to lose weight then follow these tips and you will not only shed those pounds but your skin will look younger and the health of your hair will improve. And if you want to have the best looking hair you’ve ever dreamed about this summer, give us a call.